Ree Williams, Founder of The Ree Williams Development Group, LLC, is a Small Business Development Expert, 2x TEDx Speaker, Business & Community Advocate, Philanthropist and Co-Director of the Smasch It Forward Family Foundation. 

Ree brings with her, a 24 year history, working with small to medium sized businesses, solo entrepreneurs, management teams, and non profit organizations, helping them to structure, develop, grow and scale. 

"My goal is to support women lead small businesses and non profits, helping them to create environments that foster growth - by helping them understand the importance of putting in place, a solid structure, creating cultures of clarity, hiring and retaining qualified employees and putting in place Executive Directors and board members who, as a cohesive team, help move the mission forward to success." 

Ree Williams
Business & Community Advocate |Business Development Expert | 2x TEDx Speaker | Philanthropist

As a business owner, you wear so many hats. You're all over every aspect of your business. From goals, to strategies to development, and growth, your eyes are on it and your hands are in it. That can mean that you are too close to your business to see key areas of weakness and need.

Whether your small business or nonprofit organization is a startup, is stuck, or desiring to move up, I can help bring into focus the missing pieces that are getting in the way of your overall success, by looking at your foundation, structure and business model, with a fresh set of eyes. 

Let me help your small business, nonprofit organization, or management team, be ready for (out of your control) disruptive change, develop sound systems, processes, developmental goals and strategies, seek and select right fit support teams, chart revenue growth and expand, and thrive in your own unique success spaces.

Nothing is cookie cutter. All of the goals, strategies, and next steps will be designed for your business or organization, based on the unique information gleaned from assessing your business or organization. 

If you are an amazing small business (with or without employees), small business management team, or non profit organization, who values confidentiality and superior business development and growth support, I'd love to hear from and connect with you.