Yes! Say YES to your success!

Whether you are a start-up, stuck or wanting to move up, every entrepreneur needs a little bit of outside help, from time to time. And this is a time where so many entrepreneurs have been uprooted in what they thought they knew and the path they were on.

I would love to help you clear out the clutter that's keeping you stuck, help you into a space of clarity, where you understand your brand, brand model, your audience and the steps moving forward that supports you effectively engaging your audience, not only getting sales, but also taking those "right" next steps that will help you squarely and confidently build your brand, expand your reach, give you visibility and help you do your best work on the right platforms, both online and offline.

Strategy sessions work because you get a chance to get away from the mad rush of social media and you are not getting advice from 5000 different individuals, most, not in a position to strategically help you.

No need for you to scroll endlessly through a bunch of vain content, the process of scheduling a strategy session with me is simple, here you go:

1. The cost of each 90-minute strategy session is $995.00. If you are sure you are ready to schedule your session, you can pay for your 90-minute session here.

2. After your payment is made, please email my Assistant Cheyenne at: and in your email, please add the following:

  • Three (3) dates and times (include your time zone please) that you are available for your 90 minute session.
  • You must forward the dates, my Assistant cannot pick dates for you.
  • Your contact number, including area code and time zone.
  • 3-5 key areas where you are having trouble in your business or where you need next level information and guidance.
  • Be thorough and clear. The information that you send will be the only areas that will be discussed in the strategy session.

My Assistant will contact you via email asking you for the information listed above if an email is not received from you by start of business day, next day from your registration date. 

3. Once payment is verified as received, your strategy session date and time will be placed on the schedule and that information will be emailed to you. No sessions will be scheduled based on a promise to pay. You will receive your session date and time confirmation (via email) either same day or next day, and no later.

Note: For the strategy session, you can have up to one (1) other business partner/team member on the call with you. This is especially helpful for those of you who are in the non-profit sector. The individuals that show up on the session call with you must be discussing YOUR business. When there are multiple individuals on the call, we will move to a Zoom session.

4. The One on One Strategy session last 90 minutes. I will call you to begin the session and the sessions begin on time. IF YOU PREFER A ZOOM SESSION, PLEASE LET MY ASSISTANT KNOW. Being more than 10 minutes late will cancel your session completely and rescheduling is not guaranteed or promised. Be ready and prepared for the session. Have your Journey Journal with you and ready. If you do not have the Journey Journal and would like to, you can purchase here, prior to the strategy session.

5. Be ready to openly discuss your business. Leave your feelings in another room. The strategy session is designed to help you by getting to the root of the your business truth.

6. You do have the option to schedule more than one session, not to exceed 3 hours and 35 minutes. If you would like to have more time, each 90 minute block of time will be an additional $995.

Cancellations, Changes and Refund Policy: There are no refunds once fees are paid. If you would like to cancel your scheduled appointment and set a new date and time for your session, you must cancel at least 12 hours prior to your session. I do understand that there are cases of emergency, but this is a business and we cannot operate properly if we set policies based on everyone's individual emergencies.

CONFIDENTIALITY/NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT: Business and business relationships are built on trust. I maintain that trust with everyone I work with by keeping all conversations and information with the you, private and confidential. I will not disclose to anyone, any information regarding you, your current business nor the services provided to you. This includes sharing information on social media platforms that identify you. I'm not apart of the "see me" culture, I know the value in keeping things private. In addition, no personal ideas, information or thoughts expressed between you and I, will be shared with anyone without your expressed, written permission. Upon your request, I will send you a Confidentiality/Non Disclosure Agreement, prior to our strategy session.