In the Pinc, launched in 2010, is a business development and growth membership program for women entrepreneurs who are currently working an active business and achieving results, but desire to learn more and create new strategies to help facilitate revenue increase and business growth.

Just like any entrepreneur, coaches need coaches too.

Deciding to work with a business coach is always a wise choice for any entrepreneur. Business coaches are a great benefit; off rip, business coaches can help entrepreneurs structure their businesses for clarity. Without being clear on key components of your life and business coaching businesses, you can land in nothing but unnecessary confusion, frustration, disappointment, and burnout.

Working with a business coach, either one to one or in a group setting, can be invaluable to women entrepreneurs seeking success, HOWEVER, let me be crystal clear...working with a business coach is not an instant solution and does not bring automatic business success. You are still required to show up and you are required to do the work. Like any coach, a business coach will help you focus, set goals, map out strategies, create plans of action, execute, and assess, so that you get the business results you desire.   

Service In the Pinc (inSINC) is a 6-month, virtual group coaching program designed for (aspiring) women life and business coaches only. This program will challenge you, not only to be your best YOU, but inSINC will challenge your thinking and will encourage you to "dig deeper"...and that's not always going to be fun, but always effective in helping you succeed. 

Too many women entrepreneurs struggle, unnecessarily, unfortunately building their business in isolation, lacking the support that every entrepreneur needs, regardless of the types of products and services they provide. No one can build a business without answering to calls for change and challenge. When you are working all by yourself, leaning on "Googling and Guessing", too much time is wasted and unfortunately, in that time wasted, self doubt, frustration and burnout can creep in.  

inSINC is going to bring you out of isolation and will provide you with targeted business coaching, accountability, business information and resources, as well as support, helping you become more clear, confident and consistent.  

CLARITY and CONFIDENCE as a coach, teacher, and leader.

CLARITY in the products and services you offer in your coaching business.

CONFIDENCE in your pricing, content and marketing.

CONSISTENCY in how you show up and engage your audience of buyers and potential buyers.

inSINC's Focus:

  • Brand Building & Development
  • Target Buyer Profiles
  • Audience Building & Audience Engagement Online/Offline
  • Products and Services (Creation)
  • Pricing
  • Social Media
  • (Mind) Positioning
  • Client Acquisition and Client Retention
  • Sales (Growth)
  • Hosting Workshops and Conferences
  • Radio, Podcast, & Internet Showcases
  • Team (Implementation, Management, and Growth)

6-Month Program Agenda

All training will be provided via video, posted content, and graphics. All content will be in simple, easy to follow, step by step form. 


  • Self Development Post
  • Coaching Business and Coaching Client Tips
  • Resource Posts


  • Each week, one business building and growth challenge will be posted in the group. 


5th of the Month:

  • A monthly video workshop will be uploaded into the private Facebook.  
  • Downloadable worksheets will also be uploaded into the Facebook group. 

4th Friday of Each Month

  • Group members will be invited to a Zoom for a live Q & A session (as it relates to the information posted in the private Facebook group).  

Please Note: Service In the Pinc (inSINC) is for women life and business coach entrepreneurs only.

The Ree Williams Development Group, LLC (TRWDG), welcomes anyone, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, to support and partner in TRWDG's efforts of encouraging, educating and empowering ready women, helping them to become successful entrepreneurs by affording them access to valuable business information, tools and resources. 

Note 1:  Service In the Pinc is an online group coaching program that runs from July 1 - December 31, 2023.  Prospective members can join inSINC at anytime throughout the year, however, because all information remains available and accessible to all members, throughout the year, the entire 9 month commitment must be paid, regardless to which month membership begins. 

Example: If you join inSINC in September, 2023, you will be required to pay the monthly fee for July and August, after which, continuing with your monthly fee for all subsequent months of membership via automatic subscription payments. 

 Here's how you can become a member of inSINC

-Each member is responsible for paying their program membership of $3,600, if paid in one payment (please email Cheyenne if you would like to pay in full).

Or, you can pay by monthly subscription payments of $600.00. Click here to register for your monthly subscription

-Credit or debit card is required. Your monthly fee will be automatically deducted from your credit card.

There are absolutely no options to be pay manually each month. If you do not have a credit card to sign up for your subscription membership, you will not be able to join inSINC.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Once access is given to the private Facebook group, all approved members are responsible for paying the entire membership fee, even if member chooses to no longer be a part of the program. The Ree Williams Development Group, LLC will pursue anyone in payment default through legal means and our collection process, if necessary.