In the Pinc, founded in 2010, is dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs. Whether it's one on one business coaching, group coaching communities, workshops, business meetups (online and offline), and business retreats, In the Pinc is focused on creating opportunities and environments where women entrepreneurs can receive impacting business building support.

After hearing quite a few women entrepreneurs voice their feelings of isolation, I created "Pinc Pen Pals". 

With Pinc Pen Pals, the goal is to take women away from pishposh that is social media, if only for a short time. Pinc Pen Pals is getting us back to communicating and being excited about getting snail mail. That's right...we are writing letters and sending packages. 

Pinc Pen Pals is designed to connect women entrepreneurs who are not familiar with one another, but have entrepreneurship in common. Pinc Pen Pals joins women entrepreneurs who feel like they are building their businesses in isolation, having no one to talk to about things that only a woman entrepreneur can relate to, together via letters...just like when you were a kid, same model.

Through these connections, women can be positive sounding boards for one another, in addition, women entrepreneurs can offer great support, motivation, inspiration, and, if a friendship blossoms from any connection, that's a great thing too! 

In addition, Pinc Pen Pals is: 

  • Not an opportunity to find soul mates, stick to sliding in DMs for those needs.
  • Not for women entrepreneurs under 30. 
  • For women entrepreneurs only.
  • Not for any woman who does not currently have a business.  

What sorts of things should I mail to my Pinc Pen Pal? Start by sending a letter of introduction. Help your Pinc Pen Pal get to know you. Please keep in mind, this is about connecting women who have entrepreneurship in common, please do not overshare personal information about you or your family.

Please do not send money or honor any requests to send money.

You can send letters of encouragement, motivational quotes, basic questions that will help you get to know your Pinc Pen Pal better (as an entrepreneur), book marks, or any small gifts that benefit women entrepreneurs.

PLEASE: Do not send anything that your Pinc Pen Pal did not request or anything associated with your church or religious affiliations, political (candidate) information, or anything solatious.  

How Pinc Pen Pals Works: 

It's really quite'll fill out the application below.

Once approved, we'll work to match you up with your business pen pal. Once you are matched up, you'll receive welcome packet, yes, via snail your packet will be a welcome note and information about who your Pinc Pen Pal is.