So, you want to be a business owner?

But, your questioning whether you're ready to run a business? 

Being a business owner is more than having a good idea or being able to market your product to the customers well. In order to be a successful business owner, you must be equipped to run your business, day in and day out. 


Your personal life must be balanced in order for you to be your best business self. Everything from your intimate relationships, children, family, friends, and even those little “fears” or “uncertainties” that have held you hostage for years, all of it has to be identified, understood, and put in a place; a place where they cannot negatively affect you or you on your business building journey. The ultimate goal is to put anything that threatens to get in the way of your personal and business success journey, on a plane to the “Land of Success Blockers”! 


You are in control! You are the only person that knows what you need in order to be your best business self. So, you are going to be the one that defines what is best for you; you are going to be the one that takes the steps necessary to remove everything from your life that stands to get in the way of your small business success.


If this scares you, you are not alone. For a variety of reasons, getting what we want and need can be a terrifying realization and journey, especially if it is painfully obvious that in getting what we want, there is a chance that changes will have to be made and some of those changes will be the people in our lives. The goal here is not to destroy, but to build; to build YOU.


The following exercise will help you discover the things that are most important to you and help you identify the things that are not good for you, but are allowed to exist in your life. Before you begin, take a few minutes to reflect on what the best you and the best business you looks like

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