No more flying by the seat of your pants!

No more just being busy, with not productive results!

No more working without goals, objectives, and next step strategies!

No more struggling without a plan!

As a member of In the Pinc, we are going to focus on the B - BUILD

As a member of In the Pinc, we are going to focus on the E - EXECUTION 

As a member of In the Pinc, we are going to focus on the A - ACCOUNTABILITY

As a member of In the Pinc, we are going to focus on the R - RESULTS 

In addition, members will be encouraged and supported to: 

  • Become Certified Business Entities 
  • Build Small Business (and Trade) Credit
  • Seek Opportunities to Do Business with the City/State/County/Federal Government
  • Seek Opportunities to Qualify for Contracts and Purchase Orders
  • Create Broad Product/Services Lines 
  • Enhance and Increase Brand Value

In the Pinc - a special space, created with intentionality. In the Pinc is not for everyone and may not be for you, if: 

- You are unwilling to be coachable. 

- You are looking for info to copy so you can start your own coaching program.

- You are unwilling to make a committed investment (self and dollars). 

- You are unwilling to be open and honest about your work ethic and state of your business.

- You are unwilling to shift (if and when required).

- You are only looking for a quick fix to making quick money. 

- You want to play the "blame everyone game".  

- You make excuses when you should be looking for solutions.

- You wanna collect nuggets from multiple business coaches, in place of investing in coaching clarity.

- You wanna keep listening to friends and family, who, have never built a successful business. 

- You are not open-minded and believe that everyone has to think, feel, act, vote and believe as you do.

In the Pinc  IS  for you if: 

- You are ready to evict yourself out of your comfort zone.

- You are ready to stop being your own biggest obstacle.

- You are ready to unapologetically be the best.

- You are ready to possess and stay in control of your power.  

- You are ready to shed the fear of what others think.

-You are ready to stop making excuses.

-You are ready to accept the challenge of building a business. 

-You are ready to create high valued products and services for prospects who value solutions to their problems. 

-You are ready to generate revenues that build into profitability. 

What will be expected from you in the In the Pinc environment:  

- To be positive about your success dreams and journey.

- To stay confidently strong and positive about your success.

- To be open and willing to learn new things.

- To operate in an Accountability Mindset.

- To learn how to keep your brand and your brand messages alive and TOTM of your audience of potential buyers.

- To set (and even reset) goals, create strategies and structured, well thought out plans of execution.

- To remove the fear of "what if".

- To be bold enough to be confidently unique.

- To hop into your reality and fall in love with it.

- To stop comparing yourself to what others have staged out in their insecurities, for you.

- To not allow anyone or anything, including YOU, to trick you out of your success.

In addition: 

 - In the Pinc members will have one product or service special to provide to buyers.

        These specials will be marketed monthly via In the Pinc emails, website and social media platforms. 

Here's how you can become a member of In the Pinc: 

Each member is responsible for paying their annual membership fee of $3,600.00.

Each member is required to pay an initial fee of $600.00 (due at the time of registration)

Each member has the option of paying membership in full (Membership is 12 Months)**

After your $600.00 initial member registration fee is paid, your monthly payments, over the period of 12 months, will be: $250.00 monthly

Credit or debit card is required. There are ABSOLUTELY NO options to pay manually each month.

If you choose the monthly subscription option, your membership fee will be automatically deducted, each month, on the 1st of the month, for the duration of your 12-month membership. Your subscription will begin the 1st of the month, following your membership registration. 

Each member will receive monthly subscription registration information in a separate email, after registration.

Once your membership is initiated you will be responsible for paying the entire 12-month membership fee, even if you choose, for any reason, to no longer be a part of the program. Anyone who leaves the group and fails to maintain payments will be turned over to Summit Account Collections and collection efforts will continue until all monies are collected. 

**RIGHT OF REFUSAL: The Ree Williams Development Group has the right to refuse anyone acceptance into In the Pinc. In the Pinc is under no obligation to give an explanation for refusing membership to any individual. If you are refused membership, you are more than welcome to submit for membership in the future.

**There are absolutely no refunds on any fees and/or funds paid toward In the Pinc Membership. No exceptions. 

Please Note: In the Pinc is for women entrepreneurs only.

The Ree Williams Development Group, LLC (TRWDG), welcomes anyone, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, to support and partner in TRWDG's efforts of encouraging, educating and empowering ready women, helping them to become successful entrepreneurs by affording them access to valuable business information, tools and resources.