In the Pinc, launched in 2010, is a business development and growth membership program for women entrepreneurs who are currently working an active business and achieving results, but desire to learn more and create new strategies to help facilitate revenue increase and business growth.

It's not easy to build a successful business, but it's much harder than it has to be when you have no community around you and you are working all alone. In the Pinc General, created for women entrepreneurs, who are ready to learn the ins and outs of building successful businesses, but desire to be a part of a positive, supportive, and non judgmental, business building community. 

When YOU Become A Member of In the Pinc, there is: 

  • No more flying by the seat of your pants!
  • No more just being busy, with not productive results!
  • No more trying to figure it all out alone!
  • No more Google University! 
  • No more working without goals, objectives, and next step strategies!
  • No more struggling without a plan!
  • No more working and building all alone!




Other Great Benefits of In the Pinc Membership: 

1. A constant space of motivation and inspiration.

2. To be challenged and encouraged to dig deep into your WHY.

3. To be held accountable to what you say you will do.

4. To be provided opportunities to network and connect with other women entrepreneurs.

5. Non acceptance of your excuses. 

In the Pinc General is not just another Facebook group where you join only to plaster your sales posts, all day, everyday.

In the Pinc General is a learning ground and every woman who wants to learn more, is welcome to join. 

What In the Pinc Requires of Members***:

  • Members should be working in and on their business.
  • In the Pinc is an interactive entrepreneurial space.
  • Daily self development, business building and resource information will be posted in the private Facebook group.
  • All members, should schedule at least one hour, everyday, to check into the Facebook group.
  • Members are expected to show up, participate, and do the work.

***If you know that you do not have time to be accountable to a group like In the Pinc General, I want you to press pause on joining, coming back when you have a firmer grip on your schedule and your accountability. 

In addition, members will receive information on: 

  • Becoming Certified Business Entities 
  • Building Small Business (and Trade) Credit
  • Seeking Opportunities to Do Business with the City/State/County/Federal Government
  • Seeking Opportunities to Qualify for Contracts and Purchase Orders
  • Creating Broad Product/Services Lines 
  • Enhancing and Increasing Brand Value

In the Pinc General Program Structure: 

Daily: Self development, business building, business news, and resource information will be posted in group.

Week 1: Action...Action...Action - Taking action, Executing and Implementing...working your business.

Week 2: Challenge Assignment will be posted in the private Facebook group.

Week 3: Action...Action...Action - Taking Action, Executing and Implementing...working your business.

Week 4: Ask CoachRee prompt will be posted; members are strongly encouraged to ask questions. 

Each Month:

  1st Monday of each month, group video and worksheet will be uploaded into the private Facebook group.

  4th Thursday of each month, Zoom session - 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST. Member questions will be answered.