"Do they wanna be right or just not wrong!"

December 22, 2019

BY Ree "CoachRee" Williams

Have you ever made a social media comment mistake? 

At this point, I can assure you, there's not one of us who has not.

Here's a BIG social media mistake that I've seen so many business owners make, most unintentionally. If you have not made this mistake, hopefully after reading this you won't ever or, if you have made this mistake, you won't make this mistake ever again. 

The Mistake: Telling someone that their opinion or viewpoint is WRONG. There's not one person who uses social media that does not want to be viewed as right (most, if not all the time). I don't care who you are. That's right, people are not posting their (expert) opinions, thoughts and ideas, to be called out as wrong, disagreed with by a competitor or challenged. While many of social media users understand that what they think is not what everyone else thinks, people still do not want to be called wrong, out in the open, in front of an audience they've carefully cultivated, who primarily thinks they are right.

In your overzealousness to be helpful (and probably a bit right too), you can't share your opinion, openly, on someone else's page, in the tone that you are right and that's the end of the conversation. The response of the person who's page you've posted on (or who's opinion you've responded to), will be nothing, absolutely nothing like you expect. 

What response most actually expect? The expectation that the person will fall at your feet, praising your knowledge, thanking you for being born and for the shear privilege of you, taking the time out of your oh so busy schedule to come to their page and share your one of a kind genius, showing their audience, why you are right and they are wrong. 

What really happens...they go straight postal on you. And not only that, their followers join and roast you like you were a Christmas goose. 

When this happens, remember:

  • It's not your page, it's their's.
  • On their page, they can be right and you don't have to be.
  • Your opinion is not always wanted or warranted.

It's social media, so pick your battles. Battling over a need to be right is nonsense that makes no sense.