In the Pinc is a premiere project sponsored by The Ree Williams Development Group, LLC and its partners. 

Launched in 2010, In the Pinc is a membership based entrepreneurial community, specifically designed to inform, educate, and partner with (minority and marginalized) women who are focused, dedicated, and ready to start, build, develop, and grow successful small businesses.

In the Pinc focuses on ensuring that women are afforded the opportunity to gain access to business building information, tips, ideas, funding, networking, connecting, and other small business resources. 

Ree Williams originally launched In the Pinc to fulfill a need of her own - to gather regularly with other women business owners, who, like Ree, desired to network, connect, share, and learn from and with one another. 

Thinking about starting a business but just not sure if you're ready or if entrepreneurship is not a right fit for you, right now? Time to take the first step in finding out!

For women entrepreneurs, In the Pinc offers:

In the Pinc is here to help women entrepreneurs learn about business - how to structure their businesses, strategically and confidently create and share their brands, and map out systems to attract (high value) target ideal buyers, investors, partners and referral sources.