It's no secret, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous trickle down effect on our nation, our communities, our families and our economy. So many Americans followed the "American Dream Prescription", only to be caught, unprepared for the outside threat, that no one ever imagined or could control. 

What happens when there's an economic downturn, programs shut down, credit is not extended, businesses shut down and people are laid off?

Business competition gets stiffer.

Buying continues, but buying changes.

Buyers become more critical and are more intentional about where they spend their money.

So what's your next move? Do you panic? Do you give up? Or, do you keep focusing on ACCOUNTABILITY | BUILDING | CHALLENGE? 

While the pandemic has caused lots of uncertainty, one thing is for sure, as a business owner, you must keep moving. There's no more time to waste and no time to play. It's time to get out of the land of the glitz and glam flim flam...It's time to dive into the deep dig, embrace your YES to success, and create profitable next steps that will get you around the COVID obstacle and thriving in your business.

Getting to success has changed for many and the willingness to shift is a "right now" business reality.

You must be open to shifting. You cannot stay fixed on what used to be or what you had planned. You must be open and willing to find ways to shift so that you are continuing your business building process and moving your business forward...because, there are still plenty of customers out there, waiting for you...waiting for the solution you have to their need. You must stay marketing, networking and connecting your business, brand, products and services to your audience of current, past and potential buyers. Working in your business cannot stop.  

Before I continue, let me tell you what ACCOUNTABILITY | BUILDING | CHALLENGE means to me: 

- To be positive about your success dreams and journey.

- To stay confidently strong and positive about your success.

- To be open and willing to learn new things.

- To operate in an Accountability Mindset

- To learn how to keep your brand and your brand messages alive and TOTM of your audience of potential buyers

- To set (and even reset) goals, create strategies and structured, well thought out plans of execution.

- To remove the fear of "what if" and do the work.

- To hop into your reality and fall in love with it.

- To stop comparing yourself to what others have staged.

- To not allow anyone or anything, including YOU, to trick you out of your success.

I created Accountability | Building | Challenge, so that ready women entrepreneurs, just like you, could have a space where they are welcomed to scream out their frustrations, reveal their insecurities and doubts (about success and being successful), learn, share, and grow into the successful women entrepreneurs, that I know you were designed to become.

A | B | C is not like other co-op coaching opportunities. You won't be baited and switched. I'm clear about what you will and will not receive with this group business coaching support program offer. I'm not here to work overtime talking you out of what you're passionate about, I'm joining you, as a supportive development and growth partner, helping you kick the clutter out of your way, so you become better positioned for more productivity and more profits.

A | B | C  we'll focus on topics such as:

- Being Foundation and Structure Strong- Brand Development and Brand Building (Brand Face, Tone, Personality, Essence and Language)

- Understanding Demographics, Geographics and Psychographics

- Serving Your Audience of Buyers and Potential Buyers

- Post Pandemic- Community Relationship Building

- Network Building- Product Diversity

- Value- Packaging and Pricing

- Being Proactive and Productive

- Getting Relaxed with Marketing

- Proper Business Automation

- Social Media, Content and Marketing

- Lead Generation- Systems and Processes- Policies

- IRS Requirements

- Contracts, Agreements and MOUs

- Planned Implementation and Execution

- Progressive Growth and Scaling

A | B | C is a 10 month program, but you get a 12 month support commitment.

Here's how the program will work:

- You will receive Monthly Business Building Packages (In Group Guides) Shared Via Private Facebook Group (When Applicable)

- Each Week:

Week 1: Action...Action...Action - Taking action, Executing and Implementing

Week 2: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Live Q&A via Zoom (Every 2nd Thursday)*

Week 3: Action...Action...Action - Taking Action, Executing and Implementing

Week 4: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST Live Q&A via Zoom (Every 4th Thursday)*

*As a member, you can ask business building questions anytime by posting your question in the group. 

- Each 4th Thursday of the Month: 

In group Accountability Sessions

- Each Quarter: 

Live (Via Zoom) Quarterly Assessment Sessions

In Addition:

- Additional Templates, Tools, Guides and Resources Loaded in the Group Daily/Weekly

- Pop Up Action Timed Challenges

- Discounts on Workshops, Reetreats and One on One Coaching

**You must purchase the Business Building Journey Journal each month, that is our planning guide for this program.   

A | B | C  10 Month Membership Fee: $2,375.00

To take advantage of the 3 Payment Plan: 

3 consecutive monthly payments of $791.66

Please Note: Once membership is accepted, there are no refunds on monies paid. Membership can be canceled at anytime and you will be able to take advantage of other business support products/services that The Ree Williams Development Group, LLC offers.