A | B | C  2022  is a 12-month business development and growth membership program.

A | B | C  2022  is a community based business building space, strategically designed to provide business development and growth support to women who are willing to be committed, focused, dedicated, and accountable to themselves, their goals and their success.

This business building space is designed for women, just like you, who, can thrive in a community learning setting with other women entrepreneurs, where you will be encouraged to be free to reveal your insecurities and doubts (about success and being a success), remain open to learning, developing and doing the work required to grow (and even scale) your business to the success level you desire. 

 A | B | C  2022   is different; it's not like other community business building group opportunities. As the creator of A | B | C, I'm not here to work overtime talking you out of what you're passionate about (and I'm not here to talk you into doing things that bring no real value to you or your business). If it's your true dream,  I'm joining you, as a supportive development and growth partner, helping you kick the (mental and emotional) clutter out of your way, so you become more confident and better positioned to create solution driven products and services (that serve your target ideal buyers well), in order to experience better business productivity and increased revenue and profits.

A | B | C  2022   is a working program.

What does that mean? It means that there is no room for anyone to be a part of this community who is not actively working their business everyday. Whether your are just getting started or have some time in the game, A | B | C  is not the place for stagnation. 

In addition, A | B | C   IS NOT   for you if: 

- You are unwilling to be coachable. 

- You are unwilling to make a committed investment (self and dollars). 

- You are unwilling to be open and honest about your work ethic and state of your business.

- You are unwilling to shift (if and when required).

- You are only looking for a quick fix to making quick money. 

- You want to play the "blame everyone game".  

- You make excuses when you should be looking for solutions.

-You are not opened minded and believe that everyone has to believe as you do. 

A | B | C   IS  for you if: 

- You are ready to evict yourself out of your comfort zone.

- You are ready to stop being your own biggest obstacle.

- You are ready to unapologetically be the best.

- You are ready to possess your power.  

- You are ready to shed the fear of what others think.

-You are ready to stop making excuses.

-You are ready to accept the challenge. 

What will be expected from you in the ABC environment:  

- To be positive about your success dreams and journey.

- To stay confidently strong and positive about your success.

- To be open and willing to learn new things.

- To operate in an Accountability Mindset.

- To learn how to keep your brand and your brand messages alive and TOTM of your audience of potential buyers.

- To set (and even reset) goals, create strategies and structured, well thought out plans of execution.

- To remove the fear of "what if" and do the work.

- To hop into your reality and fall in love with it.

- To stop comparing yourself to what others have staged out in their insecurities, for you.

- To not allow anyone or anything, including YOU, to trick you out of your success.

  A | B | C  2022  is a 12 month program that runs from mid January through December.  

 Here's how you can become a member of  A | B | C: 

-A | B | C  2022 is a newly funded program. 90% of your fee has already been paid.

-Each member is responsible for paying the other 10%, which is $99 a month to be in the program.  

-Credit or debit card is required. Your monthly fee will be automatically deducted from your credit card.

Once membership is approved, there are absolutely no options to be pay manually each month. 

Here's How A | B |C  2022 Works:

-You should be working in and on your business, this is an interactive space. 

-Daily self development, business building and resource information will be posted in the private Facebook group. 

-Check the private Facebook group at least once per day to ensure that you are up on all information loaded into the group. 

Each Week:

Week 1: Action...Action...Action - Taking action, Executing and Implementing...working your business. 

Week 2: Challenge Assignment will be posted in the private Facebook group. 

Week 3: Action...Action...Action - Taking Action, Executing and Implementing...working your business. 

Week 4: 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EST Live Q&A via Zoom (Every 4th Thursday)

Each Month:

1st Monday of each month, group video and worksheet will be uploaded into the private Facebook group.   

Each Quarter: 

Each Member: Individual 1:1 30-Minute Coaching Sessions. You will be contacted with a date and time for your session. 

 In Addition: 

 Each group member will have to purchase the 2022 Business Building  Journey Journal. (Available for digital download only, November 30th)

A | B | C  2022  begins January 17, 2022. All registered members will be sent the link to the private FB group by January 14, 2022. 

Please Note: ABC 2022 is for women only. The Ree Williams Development Group, LLC (TRWDG), welcomes anyone, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, to support and partner in TRWDG's efforts of encouraging, educating and empowering ready women, helping them to become successful entrepreneurs by affording them access to valuable business information, tools and resources.