The Mission: 

Providing small business and non profit development support to ready women, helping them create business and

organizational environments and cultures that positively impact their overall mission, benefitting their companies, 

their employees, team and board members, as well as their customers.  

I focus on working with women who are already working in and on their businesses, attracting buyers, generating revenue and have a desire to grow. 

Let me give it to you straight. I offer no glitz, glam, or unnecessary flim flam. Yes, being a business owner is a tremendous opportunity, is very exciting, but owning and growing a business requires work. No unnecessary struggle work, but definitely focused, dedicated, targeted and consistent work. 

From the foundation to the finances, I can help you structure your business, help you share your brand and attract your identified target ideal buyers, investors, partners and referral sources.

Working with me, I'll focus on helping you get the results you desire. I'm not going to push you...that's your job, but I am going to be here to definitely challenge you, every step of the way. 

No matter where you are right now, you started your business and YES, you deserve to build and grow your business to success!